HotShot™ Trackside Speedometers

Engine 6308 Thunders By

A rival UP crew stops to enjoy the show as Burlington Engine No. 6308 thunders by on the Colorado & Southern main line. In 1958, the pounding drivers and flashing side rods of a steam locomotive have become a rare sight.

Does your way freight engineer blow down the main line like a hot shot intermodal? Will that pokey Limited engineer be late again? Give your train crews the "guidance" they need to run at prototypical speeds, or see who can set a new record for that crack passenger train!

The HotShot™ Trackside Speedometer displays the scale speed of each passing train — and just like a highway speed trap, it sets off an alarm to catch another speed demon in the act.

And with a touch of a button, see how fast that last train was going, the high speed record for this session and over the lifetime of your railroad, and much more.

Watch HotShot™ Trackside Speedometer catch a speeding engineer in this action video.

Speed Trap for model railroad engineers

  • Displays a passing train's scale speed (3 MPH - 400 MPH) for all scales
  • Perfect for speed matching locomotives
  • Realistic display action mimics a highway speed trap as trains pass
  • Flashes the Display and triggers Alarm when train is over Speed Limit
  • Push button reports last train speed, train count for session, high and average speed for session, and all time high speed record
  • Includes Photo Sensors to detect trains in typical room lighting
  • Requires 2 NightScope™ Infrared Detectors (sold below) for dim light
  • 200 mA output drives LEDs, motors, relays when over the speed limit

Simple installation

  • Faceplate/Circuit Assembly with a template for clean Fascia installation
  • Screw terminals for all circuit board connections
  • Adjustable Speed Limit and Photo Sensor separation
  • Easy set up for metric distance and kilometers per hour (KPH)
  • Auto-Adjustment ensures the best Photo Sensor performance
  • Power Supply: DC (9-12 V) or AC (7-9 V), 100 mA required

Included parts:

  • HotShot™ Trackside Speedometer Faceplate/Circuit Assembly
  • Photo Sensors (2)
  • Fascia Template
  • Product Manual

HotShot™ Speedometer           Model No. HS-31

Out of Production.

HotShot™ Trackside SpeedometerDisplaying scale speed for each passing train, the Trackside Speedometer will flash the speed and sound an alarm for trains over the Speed Limit (set by the user) — just like a highway speed trap! The Trackside Speedometer sports a bright red 7-segment LED readout with 0.55" high digits. A single button push displays speed records and other statistics.

Includes: HotShot™ Trackside Speedometer Faceplate/Circuit Assembly, 2 Photo Sensors, Fascia Template, Product Manual.

NightScope™ IR Detectors   Model No. NS-2350

Out of Production.

NightScope™ Instant ResponseTwo NightScope™ Infrared Detectors must be used instead of the HotShot™ Photo Sensors for dim or no light conditions only. Typical room lighting conditions do not require Infrared Detectors.