WeighStation™ Track Scales

Weighing Tie Load

The Rice Yard crew prepares to weigh a load of fresh ties on the Colorado & Southern Ry. The gantlet track arrangement keeps the locomotive off of the scale track (rear) and on the through track (front).

Put your yard crew to work — weigh that cut of cars that came in on the Local! The WeighStation™ Track Scale brings your yard and industry scale tracks to life by generating weights for your rail cars within a range you specify. And if your yard crew dawdles, this track scale will alert the crew with lights and a bell when one car is done and it's time for the next.

Check out this video demonstration of WeighStation™ Track Scale in action.

Weighing Cars at General Foods

An industry crew weighs grain hoppers at the General Foods mill on John Parker's Fall River Division. Hoppers over their load limit will be respotted for correct loading by GF's midnight shift.

Weighing Coal at Olathe

Just back from the Park Branch on Greg Long's D&RGW Montrose Division, the Park Mine Extra crew weighs freshly-loaded coal hoppers . Weighing loads adds a bit of switching action when the Extra arrives here in Olathe Colorado. (Photo courtesy of Greg Long.)

Prototypical Track Scale for model railroad operations

  • Displayed weight varies from car to car within user-defined range
  • 3 selectable ranges for car variety or Loads/Empties/Scale Test
  • Realistic display action as cars move on and off the scale
  • Optional "typewriter" sound and display mode for a vintage experience
  • Optional LED and bell alert when weighing is complete
  • Optional red & green LED "traffic light" to guide train crews
  • Data Link reports weight to printers, C/MRI, computers, and more
  • NightScope™ Infrared Detector for day or night operation
  • Supports both Weigh In Motion and Static weighing operation

Simple installation

  • Gantlet or single track arrangement
  • Faceplate/Circuit Assembly with Fascia Template for clean installation
  • Screw terminals for all circuit board connections
  • Power Supply: DC (9-12 V) or AC (9-12 V), 250 mA min. required

Included parts:

  • WeighStation™ Track Scale Faceplate/Circuit Assembly
  • NightScope™ Infrared Detector
  • Piezoelectric Bell Assembly
  • Fascia Template
  • Product Manual

Notice: This product simulates weighing for model railroad operations, and does not provide the true weight of rail cars.

WeighStation™ Track Scale   Model No. WS-22

Out of Production.

WeighStation™ Track ScaleWith two display modes representing railroad scales of all eras, the WeighStation™ Track Scale sports a bright red 7-segment LED readout with 0.55" high digits. Its quick weight display makes this scale is well suited for either static or weigh-in-motion operation. Includes one NightScope™ Infrared Detector.